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NPK value

english content Posted on Tue, March 11, 2014 11:31:04

NPK value disclosures :

The NPK value is the value of plant usable materials in % to the mass .
This is the weight for solid fertilizers as well as liquid fertilizers.
(1 liter of liquid fertilizer weighs just under 1.2 kg )

For solid manure , an entire NPK value is already quite violently by 60 and almost the maximum of what is possible .
For liquid fertilizers , it is difficult to surpass a total value of NPK 18 .
(NPK 6-4-5 NPK = Total: 15)

N, P and K are not available in pure form – they are always included only in proportions in the starting materials .

Urea , for example, contains about 46% N ( almost half ). In order to achieve an N value of about 5 % to 1000 liters of water are required ca 125 kg.
However, other starting materials also contain only 20% of N , P or K.

For liquid fertilizers , the solubility of the components is still too limited and the solution also be saturated quickly.

Furthermore, additives such as trace elements need to be added or etc. .

Liquid fertilizer with an NPK of 20-10-15 have a big error on the label.
That’s just not possible.

with flowering regards


HESI Boost

english content Posted on Thu, November 14, 2013 11:58:33

HESI Boost
Enables floridity and the fruit ripening of plants.

Hesi Boost is a Bloomaktivator and at the same time a gentle leaf fertilizer for the flowering stage. It strengthens the flowering strength , increasing the sugar content of fruits and improves the condition of the whole plant. Suitable for all plants and all plant substrates .

The flowering stage is the culmination of plant life .
summer flowers that produce a flower to bloom throughout the season ,
or rarities that can see their blooms only once a year , the required
effort is terrific.
Many plants we cultivate to rejoice in the flowers . Other plants we love because of their decorative or edible fruits , or verssammeln the seed. Whether flower, fruit or seed, it is used for propagating this plant and have more sugars than otherwise needed. In addition to the basic energy for metabolism as are the flower colors , the scents and attractants for insects trained. To give the plants an optimal Blühhilfe we have developed Hesi boost that is tailored to these specific needs .

What Hesi Boost does exactly ?

For the whole plant :
Hesi Boost strengthens the plant by stimulating
a lush bushy growth with many
Side shoots . That’s a good basis
stable for strong buds.

In bloom :
Hesi Boost promotes the development of
tight buds and makes them
sensitive to environmental influences .

Hesi Boost accelerates the development of
Flowers and flowers stimulates greater .
The stability of the blooms is significantly
improved and longer service life.

For fruit:
Ornamental fruits have a longer life and are thick and strong. the
Stalks are stronger and better maintain the fruit firmly .
Edible fruits taste sweet , they ripen evenly and are
quality .

composition :
Hesi Boost is a mixture of concentrated fruit enzymes. It
contains 1% of each of phosphorus and potassium , and the minerals
calcium , magnesium, iron , zinc, copper , molybdenum, and selenium from
a natural source . Also vitamin B Complexes B1, B3 , B6 and sugar, fruit enzymes and plant sugars such as Galactol Mlitose and alginic acid.

Shake well before using first time .
A. To stimulate flowering once at the beginning of the flowering stage.
B. From advanced flowering stage use a maximum of 1-2 times per week .
For slow- growing plants can be a one-to two applications per
Month range .
C. observe a waiting period of at least 1-2 weeks for edible fruits .

Hesi Boost can be added to the irrigating water or sprayed as Blättdünger

The dosage is 1- 2ml / 1 liter of water

Foliar :
Equally all parts of plants (including leaf undersides ) – while avoiding the flowers ! – Wet . Can be applied with other fertilizers and boosters at the same time .

HESI Boost has a very low nutritional value and does not replace lacked an additional fertilizer.

It is possible that the plants after Hesi boost application have increased water demand. The extra metabolic processes that are set in motion, this need water as additional fuel .

Characteristics :
Hesi Boost is a dark to medium brown watery, slightly foaming liquid with a fruity- aromatic odor . Since it is a natural product, variations in color are possible . Hesi boost does not change the pH and conductivity in irrigation water . It can be combined with any other plant additive , except with aggressive agents such as peroxide. This would destroy the enzymes and other natural ingredients.
Once opened , it is a good year durable, but should be kept cool, dark , and especially well closed . The packagings are hermetically sealed and made ​​of PE plastic (PVC and cadmium free and receyclingfähig ) .

Hesi Boost is available in 500ml, 1L, 2.5L , 5L and 10L containers
One liter Hesi boost lasts for a minimum of 500 liters of ready to use solution